Frequently Asked Questions

Once in a while, I can accept custom orders, depending on material availability and capacity. Please send me a message with the details of your custom order request, and I will let you know if it's possible. Turnaround time of custom orders will be dependent on the type of item requested.

Throughout the year, custom orders will be accepted during designated time periods. Follow HAZE GRAY by SJ on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to find out information on open custom order periods.

I have a limited quantity of extra faux fur pom poms in my inventory. If there is a pom pom on another item in the shop that you would like, please send me a message. If I have the poms in stock, I'll be happy to add them to your order.

My best answer is, sometimes!! The beauty of hand-dyed yarn is that every skein is unique. The exact same dye recipes are used for all skeins within a specific colorway, however, color placement can and will vary. You may see slight variations from skein to skein, even within the same dye pan.

HAZE GRAY by SJ does not edit or use filters for product photos, however, colors may vary due to screen settings on computers and phones.

All HAZE GRAY Fiber yarns are Ready to Ship. However, you may place a custom order for Sweater Quantity on a single base and in a single colorway. You must order a minimum of 3 skeins of the same colorway and the same base per order.

If you are ordering more than one Sweater Quantity, (meaning you already have a Sweater Quantity in your cart of at least 3 skeins of the same colorway on the same base), you may order no less than 2 skeins per each additional Sweater Quantity order you add to your cart.

Suri Alpaca Lace 74% Baby Suri Alpaca / 26% Mulberry Silk | 328 yds / 50 g

Fingering 100% Superwash Merino | 400 yds / 100 g | Single ply

Merino Linen Fingering 90% SW Merino / 10% Linen | 400 yds / 100 g | Single ply

Sock 80% SW Merino / 20% Nylon | 400 yds / 100 g | 2-ply

DK 100% SW Merino | 231 yds / 100 g | 4-ply 

Worsted 100% SW Merino | 218 yds / 100 g | 4-ply

Aran 100% SW Merino | 181 yds / 100 g | 3-ply

Bulky 100% SW Merino | 106 yds / 100 g | 3-ply

Super Bulky 80% SW Merino / 20% Nylon | 76 yds / 100 g | Single ply

Extra Thicc 100% SW Merino | 126 yds / 8 oz | Single Ply

Most of the yarns at HAZE GRAY by SJ are twisted into hanks. You will need to wind them into balls or cakes to work with. There are a few easy videos available on YouTube to help you do this, however, I do offer Yarn Winding Service, if you would like your yarn to arrive to you already wound into cakes.


- Remove all poms by untying from the inside, and remove all faux leather labels by unscrewing before washing

- Hand wash cold with gentle detergent or wool wash, reshape your item to desired shape, and lay flat to air dry

- Do not put in washing machine or dryer. This will cause your items to felt or shrink.

-Reattach poms and labels once item has dried completely.

- Wool items will stretch over time. Washing the item as described above will should restore original size of the item.


- Remove pom pom by untying.

- Fluff pom pom by holding pom by the strings and giving it a good shake.

- If it needs a little more, gently comb the fur and hit it with low heat from a hair dryer for about 15 seconds. Don't use the hair dryer for too long. It will melt the hairs of the pom. Never put faux fur pom poms in the dryer. This will also melt the hairs.


- Waxed canvas is water repellent, but it also repels dirt.

- Dust will not penetrate waxed canvas and can be removed with a damp cloth.

- If oil penetrates the canvas and stains it, the material needs to be treated with something absorbent, such as corn starch. Apply the absorbent substance generously to the affected area and let it set for 48 hours, then brush it off with a stiff brush. Repeat this process as necessary.

- Stains can be washed using cold water and a gentle soap, but the canvas will need to be re-waxed.

- Do not put waxed canvas project bags in the washing machine.

- Hang the waxed canvas bag and allow to air dry.

Why not Merino?? Here are a few facts about Merino wool if you need some convincing...

Durable and Long-lasting: Merino wool is six times stronger than cotton. It also requires minimum care and washing.

Temperature-regulating: Crimps in the fibers of Merino wool form tiny air pockets, which act as an insulator. Merino wool also has a unique quality where it generates heat as it absorbs water vapor, a process called heat of sorption.

Breathable and Moisture-wicking: Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in moisture before actually feeling wet while still maintaining its ability to insulate. It draws the excess moisture from your skin and its breathable, porous fibers transfer the moisture from the fabric to the dryer air around you.

Antimicrobial and Odor-resistant: Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial. It won't hold odors, meaning your Merino pieces will need less frequent washing.

Soft and Comfortable: Merino fibers are about one-third the thickness of human hair. The fibers bend against the skin, making it less itchy than regular wool. It is also proven to be hypoallergenic and less irritating to sensitive skin.

Renewable and 100% Biodegradable: Merino wool is organic and sustainable. Merino wool sourced from sheep which are shorn once a year. Merino wool can also biodegrade in soil or water. It takes about a year for the fabric to naturally decompose in soil, releasing nutrients back into the earth.

UV Protection: The natural UV barrier of the fabric provides protection from the damaging UV radiation from the sun.

Anti-static and Fire Resistant: Merino wool has anti-static properties due to its natural ability to absorb water vapor. The flame-resistant properties of Merino wool make this fabric popular among first responders. It won’t melt or stick to the skin in hot situations. Merino wool’s chemical structure and water content do not allow enough oxygen for the fabric to combust.

If I have not shipped your first order, I will gladly combine your orders and refund any shipping overages.

If you are having second thoughts and would like to cancel your order, please contact me to cancel your order. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your order. After 24 hours, I am most likely preparing you order for shipment and cannot cancel your order.

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